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McKinney PSA/Apex Center on Alma Roadd is offering a water-based vertical jump training class $10 members/$14 non-members per class.  Payments require 4 classes.  

Water-Based Vertical Training

Timothy C. Pringle, MD

Vascular Surgeon

CORE Vascular Services

If you still need access to the photos that were taken at the beginning of the season, go to www.legacystudios.com and click on Buy Pictures.  The Online Gallery Password is 7020S181.

When you get to the next screen, click on the appropriate box indicating what type of portraits you are trying to view/purchase. Then enter the password in all CAPS into the search bar. (If your photos appear locked, click on the locked box and enter your password again in all CAPS.) You will then be able to view, enlarge and purchase whatever pictures you like best.

Please note that multiple incorrect password attempts will result in being  locked out of the system for 24 hours, at which time you can try again with the correct password, but unfortunately, we cannot "unlock" it for you.